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Brush Saw Safe Handling & Maintenance Certification

Brush Saw Safe Handling & Maintenance Certification
In accordance with Safety Operating Procedures and Standards established by the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health & Safety, Ken Fosty, Certified Professional Brush Saw Instructor teaches a hands-on approach on how to safely operate your brush saw.
Indoor classroom presentations include personal protective equipment, kick-out, proper handling, storage and brush saw safety features. Additional classroom presentations include videos, hands-on brush saw maintenance, proper blade sharpening, mounting the cutting tools, fitting the harness, proper blade positioning and take home handouts.
Outdoor, hands-on training is an essential component as each of the participants are required to demonstrate proper brush saw starting, handling and safe cutting operation to the instructor’s satisfaction.
All participants complete an outdoor, hands-on practical session followed by an open-book test. Certificates, valid for three years are awarded to all participants. This is an excellent add-on to the Chainsaw Safety Certification Course. 
Timing: Year Round
Duration: Half day or in combination with the 2-day Chainsaw Safety Certification Course.

"Excellent course. Lots of repetition of concepts to ensure information sticks. Ken is a very good positive communicator and is open to suggestions from students. This is THE chainsaw safe operating course to take."

"Engaging instructor, highly recommended. He tends to repeat the information that is critical, which is a quality you always want to look for in an instructor."

"Ken was a great instructor! Very knowledgeable and friendly. I would highly recommend his course!"

"Was very informative and helpful."

Seminars are all-inclusive. All of the materials, brushsaws, hardhats, chaps, gloves, props, equipment including audio visual equipment, instructional videos, and handout material are supplied.
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