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Chainsaw Safe Handling, Maintenance & Practices Certification Course

Chainsaw Safe Handling, Maintenance & Practices Certification

In this extensive 1 or 2 day seminar, Ken Fosty, Certified and Accredited Professional Chainsaw Instructor teaches a hands-on approach on how to operate your chainsaw safely.
Indoor classroom presentations include personal protective equipment, kickback, proper felling techniques, notching & backcutting, chainsaw storage & fuel/oil utilization, chainsaw disassembly & maintenance, chainsaw sharpening, proper starting procedures, chainsaw safety features, limbing & bucking, etc.
 Additional classroom presentations include videos, hands-on chainsaw maintenance and proper sharpening and take home handouts.
Outdoor, hands-on training is an essential component as each of the participants are required to demonstrate proper chainsaw starting, handling and safe cutting operation to the instructor’s satisfaction. Participants are encouraged to bring their own chainsaws if available, however, not necessary as Ken provides all chainsaws and personal protective equipment. 
All participants complete an outdoor, hands-on practical session followed by an open-book test. Certificates, valid for three years are awarded to all participants.

"As  an individual who never operated a chainsaw, I have completed the course with confidence that I can use my chainsaw safely and efficiently."

"I have taken four previous chainsaw courses, this by far is the best course that I have taken. Good job!"

"This course was fun and interesting. Ken's style of instructing and his use of props was very well put together. Well done!"

"Ken was diligent in reinforcing the importance of safety and procedure."

Timing: Year Round
One-day or two-day.

Seminars are all-inclusive for the Chainsaw Safe Handling, Maintenance and Practices Certification Course.  All of the materials, chainsaws, hardhats, chaps, gloves, props, equipment including audio visual equipment, instructional videos, and  take-home handout material are supplied.
For further information, bookings and cost inquiries contact:

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Cell 1-204-963-2209

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