Tuesday, August 15, 2023

Herbal Teas, Medicinal & Edible Plants

Herbal Teas, Medicinal & Edible Plants 

This one-day seminar includes an outdoor session in the forest collecting medicinal plants followed by an indoor classroom session processing the teas.
Ken Fosty, Certified Non Timber Forest Product Instructor leads the group with hands-on demonstration detailing how to sustainably harvest the plants and produce nutritious teas. Collection techniques, drying methods, packaging and storage are taught.
Participants harvest the plants and then make their own teas for take home. Teas include: Labrador tea, prince’s pine, giant hysopp, wild bergamot, fireweed, bearberry, goldenrod, raspberry, strawberry, yarrow, etc.
At the end of the session, Ken provides an interesting audio visual presentation on numerous non-timber forest products and edible plants that will be of interest to all.

Timing: Spring, Summer & Fall.

Duration: One-day seminars are all-inclusive. All of the materials, props, equipment and handout material are supplied.

For further information, bookings and cost inquiries contact:

Forestry Training Services 
590 Rupertsland Ave.
Winnipeg, MB R2V 0H4 
Cell 1-204-963-2209

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