Wednesday, May 10, 2023

How to Prune Apple Trees

How to Prune Apple Trees
Proper pruning of apple trees is important to develop good, strong form, maximize fruit production and reduce insect/disease problems.
Using multi-media presentations, Ken Fosty, Manitoba Certified Arborist will illustrate how to train young trees, maintain tree health and restrict growth for older apple trees. Thinning out and heading back are discussed as well as proper tools and proper pruning cuts.
This presentation has two parts. The first part illustrates pruning and rejuvenating older, neglected apple trees. The second part focuses on training and pruning young apple trees. Without proper pruning, apple trees will not develop good form. Properly trained apple trees will yield high quality fruit much earlier and live significantly longer.
Participants will leave this seminar with the knowledge and ability to prune their own apple trees.
Timing: Year Round
Duration: 1.5 hours

Seminars are all-inclusive. All of the materials, props, equipment and handout material are supplied.
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